Get answers to all of your frequently asked spa questions

  • What are your normal business hours?

    9:30 am-8:00 pm. 7 days a week.

  • What is our Swedish massage?

    A very light massage mainly on the layers of your skin. Stimulating, soothing, and relaxing.

  • What is our Deep Tissue massage?

    A massage with more pressure, focusing on the muscles and pressure points, taking out knots and relieving sore muscles, leaving you calm, peaceful, and zen.

  • What is our Hot Stone Therapy?

    For this treatment, you will first get a relaxing massage to get you relaxed and comfortable, then we use natural hot volcanic rocks to massage stress areas as well as placing the rocks on those stress points~ melting away your frustrations and bringing you inner calm. *Volcanic rocks have natural medicinal properties that draws out toxins from the body.

  • What is our Reflexology?

    A foot massage, utilizing the ancient Chinese art of chi and pressure point manipulation that leads to a full body healing journey.

  • What is our Aromatherapy Massage?

    Aromatherapy refers to the aromatic essential oils that we use to massage you. This massage is in combination with our Swedish Massage strength. If you prefer, you may upgrade to Deep Tissue.

  • I bought a groupon deal and it is expired, now what?

    The deal purchased is no longer available after the expiration date but the amount paid for is still valid and can be used toward any service or product that we offer. (Applies to living social and deal chicken)

  • I bought a groupon deal for two, can I use both at different times?

    No, the groupon deal for two can only be redeemed by two persons and at the same time. (Applies to living social and deal chicken)

  • I bought a voucher for Green Brook, can I use it in Edison?

    It is preferred that you use it at the branch you bought it for, but yes, you may use it in another branch, just make sure you call the correct number when making the reservation and bring your voucher either electronically or a print-out.

  • I have a membership, can I use it at any Jennifer Day Spa branch?

    Yes, we have three locations: Green Brook, Edison, and Bernardsville. When making the appointment let us know where you originally opened your account and your member number.

  • What’s included in the prices I see?

    Our prices only include the service. Tax and gratuity are seperate.

  • Can I use the “couples’ package” for “my mother and I” or “daughter and I”, etc…?

    Yes, our couples’ package are for two people. Doesn’t matter how you pair up.

  • I’m pregnant, Can I still get a massage?

    Yes, we offer prenatal massages. Please let your beautician know that you are pregnant before starting any treatments.

  • I’m pregnant, is it safe for me to do a facial?

    Yes, it is safe. Please let your beautician know that you are pregnant before starting any treatments.

  • Can I have an extension for my voucher?

    Yes, it is $20 extra for an extension. Please let us know when you make your appointment.

  • I have a facial at your spa, what should I expect?

    We let you know what we will use on your skin every step of the way. We will give you a complimentary skin analysis during the facial and recommend the best treatments for your skin, which usually involves a machine. We will also recommend products for your home-care based on your current skin needs.

  • I have a massage at your spa, what should I expect?

    We ask our clients to remove all clothing except panties or briefs and lie face down as we will do the back first. Then we will assist in helping you turn to face up.

  • I have my own oil, cream, and/or product. Can you use these for my facial or massages instead?

    No, we have insurance only on what we sell and use in our stores. We cannot use any products that the client brings in from the outside.